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The Green APS Team

Posted by GreenAPS on the 01/09/2014

Most of you will have meet Jeff Rubach and know that he is man of many talents, but did you know that he won the 2014 Paluma Push Mountain Bike Ride?

A 70km challenging mountain bike course from Paluma to Hidden Valley! In a time of 2.35.17. Of course, he also won the RRR (Rural, Rainforest and Reef) Mountain Bike Challenge – 70km and The 2013 FN Epic 100km just to name a couple more of his achievements. We are very proud of all of Jeff’s achievement both professionally at Green APS and in the sporting world.

Our Office Team (Merril, Sandy and Belle) had a podium finish, 3rd place for our Green APS office team at the Adventurethon – Entice this year! A kayak, mountain bike ride and run in hot conditions! Well done ladies.